Your first portal of call for exhaust products

While MarQuip is renowned for its integrated and bespoke exhaust and emissions systems that encompass every requirement, we also offer a wide range of individual after-treatment products. All share the superior standards of design, engineering and production that you’d expect… And now we’ve brought all these products together in a single website environment. From soot filters to heat exchangers, from silencers to separators, our one-stop-shop for smart exhaust solutions covers every product you could need for your next build or refit.

One factor that enhances MarQuip products is the excellent working relationships we have with our partners and suppliers. This is illustrated by our DPF & SCR aftertreatment range. As you can read here, MarQuip does not distinguish between brands and always offer the type and make of filter which is ideal for your needs. You will never have to compromise on noise attenuation as passive and active soot filters can be integrated inside silencers.

Low sound levels are obviously the key factor for our range of silencers too, backed up by MarQuip’s experience and advice. Our exhaust silencers reduce exhaust noise over the entire bandwidth and we can also lead exhaust gases out underwater for extra noise attenuation. Check out our selection of exhaust gas silencers for use in both dry and combined dry/wet exhaust systems and read about our segmented silencers for refits here,

One product that will need little introduction to readers of this newsletter is our innovative Exhaust Heat Exchanger. Some 70% of the power generated by fuel on superyachts is heat removed by ventilation and/or cooling. MarQuip’s groundbreaking recovery solution radically increases efficiency and will double your engine power. Compact enough to fit in almost every engine room and fully self-regulating, every part of the Exhaust Heat Exchanger is finished to premium yacht standards. Read all about it here.

Another product to highlight in the webshop are our water injection pieces in which hot exhaust gases are cooled with seawater. MarQuip’s expertise in this area prevents any hotspots forming in your injection pipes using our comprehensively tested nozzles. As you will read here, our water injection pieces are available in stainless steel 304 and 316 as well as a high-grade variety. Don’t accept anything less.

In contrast, while our range of GRP separators are available in stainless steel or high-grade stainless steel, we are convinced that GRP is best used for wet exhaust systems. The product page explains why here. You might also like to check out the high-quality suspension mounts we offer to optimise our anti-vibration control systems, available as fixed, sliding, hanging or pivoting support parts.

Last but not least, the MarQuip site is your first portal of call for stainless steel compensators (with weld ends or rotating flanges), certified EPDM rubber bellows and a wide range of exhaust valve solutions.