Yacht exhaust systems expertise

Engineers with the surgical precision required to make the heart of your yacht perform.

Our exhaust systems expertises:

Our engineers have what it takes to ensure the finest performance possible from your yacht

MarQuip’s engineers are more than just mechanics: they work with the precision of surgeons to make your yacht perform at its best. We create exhaust systems for sailing and motoryachts of 30 metres and up that are second to none.

MarQuip has unrivalled in-house know-how. In addition to our expertise in the design of marine exhaust systems, we are also familiar with shipbuilding, machinery, hydrodynamics and construction matters. Equally vital is the creativity of the MarQuip professionals, who provide comprehensive solutions in the most demanding situations. Our engineers have solved countless challenges to ensure a better utilisation of the prime real estate in the engine room.


Quality and compliance with international standards are of paramount importance in nautical engineering. MarQuip designs and systems which fulfil all the requirements of the major classification bureaus. Ours are the first and only exhaust systems to bear a Design Appraisal from Lloyd’s Register. Moreover, all MarQuip’s internal procedures comply with NEN-EN-ISO 9001-2015 and ISO14001:2015.

MarQuip’s in-depth knowledge, combined with extensive experience gathered from the design and delivery of hundreds of superyacht exhaust systems, guarantees the professionalism and reliability of our team. And since we deliver all the parts needed for a complete exhaust system, we also provide clients with the option of one-stop shopping.

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Wiebe Voorneveld

Project engineer

Techniques we use

  • Back pressure control

  • Noise attenuation

  • Anti vibration control

  • Exhaust cooling control

  • Emission control

  • Exhaust Heat Exchanger

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