GRP Separators

GRP Separators 
While you could opt for stainless steel or high-grade stainless steel, at MarQuip we firmly believe that GRP is the best material to use for wet exhaust systems. It ensures gases are cooled in the fastest and most efficient manner and, in a compact size, GRP systems support noise attention with an exceptionally quiet performance.

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Other benefits of this material include a very long life-span, less heat in the engine room and the absence of any concerns about corrosion, now or in the future. Contact MarQuip for more information on how to go GRP.


GRP Water-Lift-Separator

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Sjoerd Döppen

Project engineer

Techniques we use

  • Back pressure control

  • Noise attenuation

  • Anti vibration control

  • Exhaust cooling control

  • Emission control

  • Exhaust Heat Exchanger

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