(Segmented) silencer

In general, all yachts have maximum noise levels set by the client for interior spaces and on deck. The challenge for yards as they strive to meet these requirements is how to calculate in advance the noise levels of specific equipment. This especially applies to the exhaust system, which is why the best solution is to rely on MarQuip’s experience and advice.

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Our exhaust silencers reduce exhaust noise over the entire bandwidth from low to medium and high frequencies of 25 to 35 dB (A). Additional attenuation of up to 20 dB (A) can be achieved by leading the exhaust gas out underwater. An underwater outlet on a main engine exhaust system allows for substantial noise attenuation.

Dry exhaust gas silencers are used in both dry and combined dry/wet exhaust systems. The silencer can be of a reactive, absorptive or a combined type. This allows for noise attenuation for a specifically chosen frequency or over a wide frequency range.


Normal silencer


Segmented silencer


In addition to various standard products, MarQuip also designs and manufactures fully customised silencers. Depending on your preference, silencers can be equipped with single, double or quadruple inlets, radial in and outlet positions, mounting supports, condensation drains, spark arrestors and/or integrated catalytic converters, and even SCR systems.

For the refit market we have developed a segmented silencer version that can be brought into the engine room more easily and welded above the engines in place.
The illustrations show standard and segmented silencers. Passive and active filters can be integrated inside silencers and exhaust systems optimised by the integration of a SCR. This means you no longer have to choose between noise or emission reductions.

Here are two examples of custom-designed dry exhaust gas silencers. Silencers are made of either GRP (for wet silencers), mild steel, Corten steel or stainless steel, and welded according to quality standard NEN 25817 Class C or Class B.

Left: Oval shaped main engine silencer, used in engine rooms where height is an issue.
Right: Wet silencer in GRP.

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Techniques we use

  • Back pressure control

  • Noise attenuation

  • Anti vibration control

  • Exhaust cooling control

  • Emission control

  • Exhaust Heat Exchanger

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