Exhaust Heat Exchanger

Rich experience meets Dutch R&D expertise in the innovative Exhaust Heat Exchanger from MarQuip, complete with its own control system. Say goodbye to bulky systems with the world’s most compact heat recovery solution that will double your energy efficiency.

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Major energy savings

As new eco-friendly engines are developed, conventional diesels will drive superyachts for the next decade. They have a low 30% efficiency with most power converted into heat via exhaust gases. Installing MarQuip’s Exhaust Heat Exchanger gives you 60% efficiency and double the engine power.


Take control

Each Exhaust Heat Exchanger can be custom designed to fit inside every engine room. As less heat is recovered when starting the engines, only minimal condensation forms with dry-stack systems. Direct warm water up to 90°C is available to heat your pool, jacuzzi and boilers.


World’s most compact heat recovery

MarQuip’s Exhaust Heat Exchanger will fit in almost every engine room. The design needs no bypass or hot valves and guarantees cooling over the exchanger without using warm water. Fully self-regulating, the system’s integrated back-up ensures maximum reliability.


Premium finish

Also suitable for wet exhaust systems, every part of the Exhaust Heat Exchanger is finished to premium yacht standards. Separate cooling pumps for wet exhausts are already integrated and dew-point protection will prevent corrosion.


Future thinking

Downsizing generators? Now you can stay below 130 bkW and avoid IMO TIER III SCR systems. A cooled stack exhaust temperature of around 160°C also means colder gases and less insulation required for piping.



Key figures

  • System optimised for a Caterpillar C18 DITA engine
  • Heat recovery from system at full power is 293 kw
  • Translates into 204 kw in practice at 80% load.
  • Heat exchanger itself measures ca. 1000 x 777x 635 mm


Next step…

The expected return on investment with a MarQuip Exhaust Heat Exchanger is up to 3000 running hours. Contact us today to explore how we might install this impressive new system on your superyacht.

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Sjoerd Döppen

Project engineer

Techniques we use

  • Back pressure control

  • Noise attenuation

  • Anti vibration control

  • Exhaust cooling control

  • Emission control

  • Exhaust Heat Exchanger

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