MarQuip at the 2019 Monaco Yacht Show

This year’s Monaco Yacht Show, which will be held from Wednesday 25 to Saturday 28 September, promises to be as exciting as ever. Environmental issues will loom particularly large this year, not least due to the upcoming introduction of the new IMO Tier III regulations on nitrogen oxide emissions by large new yachts sailing northern Europe and US waters in 2021.

MarQuip has been reminding its clients and the wider industry of this thorny issue for some time. Especially important is the fact that any refits involving new engines must also comply with these new regulations after 1 January 2021. As a superyacht exhaust specialist, we are well-placed to help you get future-ready, and have identified a number of excellent solutions originating from both engine manufacturers and after-treatment specialists. We will be at your disposal to discuss and demonstrate these during the Monaco show.

We were also recently awarded ISO14001:2015 certification confirming that MarQuip’s environmental management system meets the highest standards. That means we can fully meet demands related to sustainability, not least the stricter requirements relative to nitrogen oxide reduction and soot filters.

The Monaco Yacht Show is always a busy time. If you’d like to make sure we don’t miss each other, consider making an appointment in advance by getting in touch with our sales manager Daniel van Drunen via +31 653 133 990 or