MarQuip awarded ISO14001:2015 certification

MarQuip awarded ISO14001:2015 certification

MarQuip recently had its ISO14001:2015 certification approved, confirming that our environmental management system meets the highest industry standards. This ensures we can fully meet demands in terms of sustainability, including the stricter requirements in relation to NOX reduction and soot filters.

Many eco-conscious superyacht owners turn to MarQuip because they know we care about our planet as much as they do. They can now rest assured that our environmental management system meets the very latest performance parameters. Partnering with MarQuip adds value to the environment and meets all compliance obligations.

There are many sound moral, legal and financial reasons to apply an environmental management system, and socially responsible clients expect this from high-end suppliers such as MarQuip. As a company you still have to invest considerable time and resources to making this a reality but the benefits will be enjoyed both by current clients and the next generation.

Back story: ISO14001 explained
ISO14001 is an international standard that applies to every company, regardless of size, type and nature, and to the environmental aspects of its activities, products and services which the company believes it can manage or influence from a lifecycle perspective. A company can only claim compliance with the standard if all requirements are included in its environmental management system and met without exception.

The 2015 revisions include incorporating a required high-level structure, using mandatory definitions, and incorporating common standards requirements and clauses. Major areas of impact include a greater coverage & scope for the environmental management system and new requirements for leadership engagement, expanded requirements for legal compliance, documentation, operational control and risk-based planning & controls.