Exhaust Gas Heat Exchangers: A better world starts with you

Saving the planet is a task for us all and the superyacht community certainly has its part to play. Smart technologies are available right now and the time has come for us to start putting them into action. Making yachts more sustainable may only be a small ripple in a big pond but everything we can do helps the planet and sets a good example to others.

Increasing efficiency
At MarQuip we are committed to making the most of our knowledge in the transition to a more sustainable future. Increasing the efficiency of oceangoing superyachts with internal combustion engines is a key way forward. Consuming less fuel will directly translate into a reduction of your CO2 footprint. And the recovery and re-use of heat from the engines will allow you to dispense with electrical heaters which increase the engine’s load.

Waste no power
Did you know that a whopping 70% of the power generated by fuel is actually heat that’s removed by ventilation and/or cooling water? MarQuip’s Exhaust Heat Exchangers are the ideal solution for making the most of this wasted power. Deployed also on your engine cooling water circuit they will double the power output of your engine. This will result in a downsizing of the engine’s size/weight and power output, which in turn will increase the total efficiency even more.

This is a genuinely win-win situation, one which will increase the efficiency of oceangoing yachts while the development of alternative, non-polluting power systems continues apace. Our Exhaust Heat Exchangers fit almost every engine room and can be custom-designed to your specifications and requirements. Read more about this smart energy-saving solution here  or email MarQuip today with your query.