Webinar question: LOA, LWL, LLL?

Have you seen the replay yet of our webinar discussing the latest adaptions to the IMO Tier III regulations? Held in partnership with Cayman Registry, Fraser Yachts, DIANA Yacht Design and Hug Engineering we covered a broad range of topics. Some of the questions raised will also be looked at on our website.

Question: “IMO Tier III is for vessels above 24 metres. LOA, LWL or LLL?”

Answer: “Length means 96 per cent of the total length on the waterline at 85 per cent of the least moulded depth measured from the top of the keel, or the length from the foreside of the stem to the axis of the rudder stock on that waterline, if that is greater. In ships designed with a rake of keel, the waterline on which this length is measured shall be parallel to the designed waterline. The length is measured in metres. In more simple terms, we are talking about the load line length mentioned in the ship’s certificate of registry.”