Thinking ahead for new IMO strategy

IMP Member States meeting at the Marine Environment Protection Committee in July adopted a revised strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from ships. The agreement is a milestone to cut the carbon footprint of the maritime sector with enhanced targets for net zero emissions by or around 2050 and a commitment to ensure an uptake of alternative zero and near-zero GHG fuels by 2030.

With agreement reached it’s vital to start implementation as soon as possible, which is where MarQuip can be a great support to clients. Already ahead of the curve with the latest technologies, our Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger will help make your power system future-proof by lowering GHG gas emissions and saving on CO2 taxes.



We are also ready and able to provide dedicated custom advice and work closely with our partners in areas such as alternative fuels, more efficient engines, hybrid solutions, hull performance, HVAC, Power Management systems and more to lower the footprint of your yacht as far as possible. Let’s talk now and do our part towards attaining these new IMO targets.