Stabiliser conflicts with underwater exhaust

Before the MarQuip team embarks on engineering a new project it first collects all the necessary data from the client. This process made clear in a recent example that the client was looking to have his exhaust outlet positioned directly behind the stabiliser.

Normally, we would position the outlet in front or well behind in order to ensure that exhaust fumes are sufficiently sucked out by a wave without being influenced by the stabiliser. In this case, however, there was no option to move the output positions due to a lack of space. But the MarQuip experts like nothing better than this kind of challenge and set out to look for a solution.

To find out how waves work while the stabiliser is operational, we arranged with the client to carry out a series of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tests. These kinds of test are ideal as they show precisely what is happening and when. We are now using this CFD input to develop a suitable exhaust system for the client that includes a custom-designed scoop.

This bespoke scoop will ensure that hardly any air bubbles are generated, therefore avoiding any unnecessary noise. The stabiliser could potentially mean that the scoop finds itself above surface level so an extra plate will be fitted on the side to ensure the scoop is always covered by water. We will, of course, also work closely with the client to design a solution that looks as good as it works.