Marquip was proud to publish an article in IYBA’s Compass magazine

Marquip was proud to join the International Yacht Brokers Association earlier this year and recently had an article published in its Compass magazine.

Informing the industry of the smart exhaust system solutions available to them is a satisfying process to our team and one that this article centred around. The article, which appeared in the June/July issue focused on the challenges that can come with a superyacht’s exhaust system – unpleasant exhaust fumes, stains on the hull, particles in the water – and the ways to skirt around this that go beyond the standard soot filter which presents problems of its own.

Sharing our expertise with the Association’s 1450 individual members, and 400 businesses worldwide allows us to reach a wide audience of targeted peers as well as connect with complimentary business to quickly get to the heart of our clients’ problems.