Making the most of heat exchange

Invaluable experience is combined with Dutch R&D expertise in MarQuip’s Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger system, which comes complete with its own control system. Successfully launched onto the market at the start of this year, the development of this innovation showed how we can optimise the efficiency of your engine power output, heat recovery and overall yacht performance… And then go further still.


Increasing an engine’s efficiency automatically opens up the option to install smaller engines, with all the savings this offers in terms of investment costs and weight. This in turn also allows you to fit a smaller exhaust system and reduce your fuel consumption and footprint. At around 130 bkW you also could be around the tipping point of not being subject to IMO TIER III regulations.


What’s more, our smart Heat Exchanger cools exhaust gases down to around the 170°C mark. This simplifies the choice of materials and makes the amount of insulation required more cost-efficient. The level of airflow needed to cool down your machinery spaces can also be reduced with this lower exhaust temperature. Last but not least, with CO2 taxes for all marine purposes on the horizon, getting more out of each kW power will be key to saving money while also helping the environment too.