It takes more than ingredients to bake a cake

Lots of suppliers deliver components for yacht exhaust systems. Yards can be tempted to turn to different sources for each of them: one supplier for valves, another for the anti-vibration mounts, another for the silencer, another for the soot filter/SCR and another for the water injection, say. They then have to bring all these ingredients together, while balancing issues such as IMO Tier III requirements, the specifications of each engine, and so on. It’s anything but a piece of cake!

MarQuip knows how to compose a comprehensive, high-quality system. We do it every day, and, having built 400 systems over the years, have acquired enough experience to know what works and smooth out any hiccups when things don’t. We are able to take full responsibility for the composition, installation and functioning of the system, so you can count on getting all your warranties in one place – for counter-pressure, temperature, emissions, cooling and vibrations. With MarQuip, peace of mind is more than just a slogan.