Facing up to exhaust challenges

Leakages, soot, noise, cracked/deformed equipment, high temperatures & backpressure values, DPF burner failures, white smoke, exhaust water spray… The number of challenges that superyacht owners and crew commonly have to deal can be exhausting just to read, never mind resolve. But ignoring the problems is also not an option as a poorly working exhaust system has a big impact on the living quality and comfort onboard.

With well over 20 years of experience in wet/dry and underwater exhaust systems under our belts, the MarQuip team has an unrivalled ability to tackle these challenges on your behalf. Our engineering skills and in-depth understanding of how superyacht exhausts operate will solve the issues at source and prevent them reoccurring.

Because MarQuip is as a system integrator and operates fully independently, we are able to provide you with comprehensive feedback on all aspects of your current exhaust system including after-treatment and underwater scoop design. In addition to problem-solving, our experts will troubleshoot any potential challenges in advance. And MarQuip can also use this know-how to future-proof your new designs and refit projects.

If this sounds a little like a pitch that’s because it is… After all, if you know the right people to fix a problem, you’re already half way to doing so. Drop us a line and let’s have an informal chat about how the MarQuip engineers might come to your aid…