Big picture vision

System integration is in our DNA at MarQuip and we recommend always starting each project by taking the overall picture into account. Here’s why…

The fact that many yards buys the engine, (TIER III) after-treatment system and exhaust separately causes challenges in its own right. Having three different companies involved, each with their own strategies and goals, can make it very hard to realise an optimised complete exhaust system. For instance, the maximum backpressure values of the engines will be reached too early if the after-treatment systems are not large enough. The resulting backpressure is insufficient to design a properly functioning exhaust system.

Things are very different when MarQuip is involved as a total supplier for both the after-treatment and exhaust systems. Our experts will optimise all components to reach the best total system possible, offering a one-stop-shop for yards. “Project managers at yards which use our services are delighted to no longer be drawn into discussions between three different parties,” explains Jeroen van der Matten, General Manager at MarQuip. “This offers valuable savings in time and money as well as an optimised exhaust system. Other benefits for the vessel itself include best use of the onboard real estate space, fewer foundations, less insulation and an improved ventilation performance.”

Having one party responsible for noise and vibration issues is also a major plus-point for those who opt to bring in MarQuip. We will also take care of all issues involved in the IMO TIER III certification trajectory. “The choice to partner with a system integrator who knows how everything works is being made by more yards,” adds Jeroen “And we can also offer advice to owners facing backpressure issues on an exhaust system where the engine, after-treatment and exhaust were purchased separately. Let us take the lead in these complex matters and the rewards in terms of efficiency will soon pay for themselves.”