Unique exhaust system for top yard

We recently received a request from one of the world’s leading superyacht builders to develop an underwater IMO TIER III exhaust system for their main engine installations that would feature a backpressure corridor with a maximum and minimum value at different RPMs. The manufacturer of the engines concerned has developed them in order to increase the maximum allowable backpressure at full power. At the same time, the configuration also requires minimal backpressure in order to protect the newly designed turbos against overspeeding.

Together with our renowned partner Xeamos, MarQuip engineers developed an IMO TIER III underwater exhaust system that stays within the given corridor. After a careful design process using our highly accurate backpressure & scoop calculations, we managed to develop an exhaust system with a counter-pressure control system that remains within this corridor.

The working principle of this unique exhaust system has since been proven in practice during a series of sea trials. The system works flawlessly and the team from Xeamos and MarQuip are proud to have met the client’s requirements so well.