System integration: Who you gonna call?

Ensuring that your exhaust system is customised to your specific requirements can raise many questions. How can you get all the different parties in the supply chain on the same page? Will the engine manufacturer help you find the right after-treatment system? Do you still have enough space to ensure proper sound reduction and will you stay within the maximum backpressure allowed? Is the overall system fit for purpose and will it work properly? Last but not least, perhaps, do you have time to manage all this and who is ultimately responsible?

The answer to all those questions and more is relatively simple: call MarQuip. As a proven system integrator, we’ll assist you from the start of the project and take full responsibility for the success of the final result. The experts at MarQuip have a track record covering over 300 yachts from all parts of the world and exhaust systems are in our DNA. The vast majority of the products we use are Dutch, guaranteeing you both quality and – with no need for additional shipping – an extra layer of sustainability to your project.

Our in-house knowledge of complete exhaust systems and creative designs has given MarQuip a reputation for making the impossible possible. A no-nonsense approach helps you find the best solution as we balance the needs for quality, performance and price in every exhaust system. Moreover, as a system integrator we are used to working with all well-known third party after-treatment partners.

With such a broad span of experience in the different options available, you can rely on MarQuip to choose the best system for your needs. Saving you valuable time and money… And answering all those questions before they even reach your desk.