Sustainable credentials

The recent heatwaves in Europe and extreme weather events elsewhere in the world have reminded us of the urgent need to be eco-friendly wherever possible. The maritime sector – suppliers and vessel owners alike – are keener than ever to make sustainable practices the norm and MarQuip is certainly no exception.

As a ISO14001-2015-certified company, MarQuip and its people are used to giving the environment the priority it deserves. Virtually all the products we manufacture and use are from the Netherlands. They are lightweight and have an average life-span of over ten years.

Our portfolio includes the finest aftertreatment systems for sound reduction, soot filters and SCR systems to ensure compliance with IMO TIER III. Heat recovery systems to increase your engine efficiency are also a MarQuip specialism.

All this is backed up by continuous online support which help ensure your exhaust system remains in optimal condition and lasts longer. That’s good for the environment and good for your bottom line… The kind of win-win thinking that means 95% of MarQuip products are renewable. If you share our commitment to sustainability, we look forward to working together on future-proof solutions, custom-made to meet your needs.