Making the most of our exhaust heat recovery system

MarQuip’s exhaust heat recovery system was initially developed to recover heat from generator exhaust gases on a yacht. This heat is then used to warm the water in onboard swimming pools and jacuzzis, for which purpose we work with Seable&Co, a Dutch collective of companies specialised in the outfitting of superyachts.

Smart thinking
Offering an ideal mix of energy saving, sustainability and superior bathing comfort, the fruits of MarQuip’s heat recovery expertise can be enjoyed in other ways too. The captured heat can be combined with other systems to offer you…

Hot freshwater for sanitary facilities such as showers and sinks. These can be included in bespoke systems that ensure hot water is available without needing to install extra heaters.

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning solutions: The heaters used to warm the air on a yacht can also be set to use heat recovered from your generators. This will offer major savings on energy costs via the energy you already have available onboard. The same goes for cooling: add an absorption chiller to the mix and feed this with recovered heat to produce the cooled water required for your other HVAC installations. We’ll be pleased to advise you on a solution that meets all your needs.

Next steps
MarQuip’s Exhaust Heat Exchanger will fit in almost every engine room and can be custom-designed to your specifications and requirements. Read more about this smart energy-saving solution here or simply email us today with your query.