Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger: the next level in heat recovery

How time flies… It’s now been a year since MarQuip launched our Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger onto the superyacht market. Owners, captains and engineers have welcomed the chance to buy a custom-designed heat recovery system, along with the impressive energy savings on offer. And with the new CO2 tax regulations on the horizon, the need to find more efficient solutions for your power management systems is becoming ever more pressing.

Let’s summarise for you the main benefits of the world’s most compact heat recovery system. A key factor is that you’ll have the ability to use the power from your vessel’s hot exhaust gases to warm up water for the boiler, swimming pool, shower and even climate control. As you know, this power is normally wasted due to the way your dry or wet exhaust systems are placed in relation to the engines. Installing an Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger means you can re-use this power and further reduce the environmental footprint of the yacht.

One of the responses we often hear from people is that they already use waste-heat recovery via the cooling water of their generators. Isn’t that a sufficient re-use of heated power? In terms of efficiency and costs, this solution is indeed the first thing to explore. However, integrating an Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger is the next level if you want to re-use much more heated power. Combined with your waste heat-recovery you will double the power output of your generators. And, as you will quickly realise, this in turn creates another level of design for your power management system.

Crucially, the Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger can be custom designed to fit inside every engine room, including yours. It has no bypass or hot valves and comes with its own control system. One of our expert engineers will be pleased to outline how you can make the most of a bespoke solution that is changing perceptions of heat recovery onboard the most innovative superyachts.

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