3D scanner and thermal imaging camera supports growth in refit activities

It is gratifying to see an ever-increasing number of yards and yacht owners partnering with MarQuip on their refit projects. This is a reflection of the added value we can bring as a key specialist in areas related to exhaust installations on motoryachts from all leading brands.

The process often begins with a meeting to collect information that can then be processed into 3D drawings. To facilitate this vital work and ensure optimum accuracy, MarQuip has a 3D scanner which can make QuickScans of all relevant parts of the engine room. This is a particularly useful tool when engine room layouts and equipment have already been changed over the years and/or original drawings are no longer available.

Forward thinking pays dividends with any successful refit. Our engineers can come onboard well in advance of the planned refit to make a survey and, if required, perform a 3D scan. They will make careful preparations and arrange a plan with the technical departments involved to ensure the most efficient approach. Once the actual refit gets underway the MarQuip team is always available to support activities and deliveries.

We often see that yards who have embarked on a refit without requesting specialist advice create problems further down the road. Soot filters can be replaced, for example, without checking the rest of the exhaust system. This can lead to an excessive build-up of salt or problems with counter-pressure and materials. A (thermal) system check by MarQuip will ensure that your yacht can operate with a soot filter without facing any of these issues.

Exhaust systems are subject to a considerable amount of wear & tear over the years and the available technologies and insights have developed exponentially over the past decade. This enables us to offer clients a far higher standard than they may have anticipated as well as significantly more compact systems. We are also at your service when it comes to assessing cracked or damaged exhaust components to see if they could benefit from our many years of experience and expertise.

It really is worthwhile having a conversation with one of our specialists without any obligation to proceed. Drop us an email here and we will get back to you.